Enter the Bible

Enter the Bible by Luther Seminary

Yale Divinity Bible Study Series

YouTube Series

Daily Devotional Practices

Daily Devotionals brought by FaithGateway of Harper Collins Christian Publishing.

The Text This Week

Lectionary, Scripture Study, Worship Links, and Resources

The Bible Online

Several translations of the bible in many languages – fully searchable.

You Version’s Holy Bible 

This free Bible app offers significant resources, including a “Verse of the Day,” artwork for sharing and multiple free programs for studying various topics from a biblical perspective. If you set up a free account, become friends with all of us in the Congregational Development department, Way of St. Paul coaches, and more.

Read Scripture

Another free Bible app created by bestselling author Francis Chan (Crazy Love) and the animators of the Bible Project, Read Scripture breaks down the entire bible into a few chapters at a time – just right for 15 minutes of reading and prayer – and includes a psalm each day as well. The developers also provide a short animated video explaining each book of the Bible (sometimes more than one per book) to aid in understanding.